Peshwai silver kolhapuri saaj laxmi pendant

Peshwai Saaj 27 Paani

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PURITY- 92.5

Height - 22 Inches (11 on a side) Excluding Adjustable dora (Jari gonda)

Weight- 105 Grams

An traditional jewellery item famously know as kolhapuri saaj made of 27 deisgn leaves filled with 5 ghungroo in each leaves make it an royal kolhapuri saaj. This particular saaj is also know as peshwai kolhapuri saaj as it is filled with hundred of ghungroos making it look an ancient jewellery piece.


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What is an kolhapuri saaj?

Initially Kolhapuri saaj is an traditional item made up of different leaves (Also known as pendants) woven into an thread with beads in between and a pendant in the middle. Kolhapuri saaj is considered as an essential wear in maharashtra during wedding, poojas and many other occasions. kolhapuri saaj is also an ornament worn by Shree mahalaxmi mandir. Kolhapuri saaj is an very old and ancient traditional jewellery still in fashion due to its authentic look

Why is this kolhapuri saaj called Peshwai kolhapuri saaj?

The reason this is called 27 paani peshwai saaj because it contains 27 leaves (Design Pendants) on each side and few other reasons. Each leave in this saaj has 5 hand made ghungroos making it an absolutely stunning piece of jewellery. The ghungroos are hand made in kolhapur and has a very sweet noice when crashed again each other. It has an laxmi pendant in middle which again has a horde of ghungroos making it look an perfect mathch. this type of particular saaj loaded with ghugngroos was worn by many maharanis "QUEENS" in older times and hence received and ROYAL name "PESHWAI SAAJ". amongst all the other kolhapuri saaj designs and kolhapuri saaj gold desings this once is an Public favourite.

Why buy the peshwai kolhapuri saaj from us?

Unlike other kolhapuri saaj our kolhapuri saaj is entirely made out of 92.5 silver and has no compromises. The other saaj that are made have the following Cons-

1- Lakh is used in beads to make it look bold . Lakh is basically a filler material which is used inside beads and saaj leaves by many vendors to cut down cost

2- Lot of vendors also have nakas (the upper and lower ring of saaj leaves) made out of brass again to reduce wieght and cut down price!

we at other hand have our nakas made out of silver and none of our  material (Beads or leaves ) have lakh filled in them. we also strictly mention our kolhapuri saaj wieght on our product page.


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