Buy and surf huge varieties of traditional silver naths and nathnis online at affordable prices. Nose ring, called nath (Hindi: नथ,) in various Indian languages, became popular in 9th and 10th century and became part of various symbols of marital status of women. Naths or Nose rings were first introduced in India by the Mughals from the middle East. This ornament which was widely prevalent among the Muslim women gained popularity among the Hindu women as well when the Mughals started marrying Rajputs during their reign, giving rise to a blend of cultures. The nose ring is also called “Marathi Nath” when worn by Marathi people. They inhabit Maharashtra, Belgaum, Karwar and Goa, and are brought together by the Marathi language that they speak. Marathi women wear nath during poojas, marriages and other auspicious occasions. Our in house made silver naths are made up of 92.5 silver stones and high quality pota stones. We have huge styles in marathi silver nath in all sizes and sides.

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