Wearing a necklace creates spiral bliss which is then transferred to the whole body. South Indian necklaces have set their fashion statement High in significance; these are an essential part of Solah Shringhar.  The blend of silver with diamond and other critical gems bring forward to the most beautiful necklace designs. Some of them are Mango Mala, Polki Necklace, Kundan pieces, and Guttapusalu Haram or the Pearl necklace . Guttapusalu necklace or guttapusalu haram is a very famous traditional jewellery design from South India. it has an deep connection with the ancient pearl fisheries of Coromandel coast.In telgu language the meaning of Gutta is "A bank of small fish" or "shoals of small fish" and Pusalu means "Beads". Our in house made guttapusalu's are made with a single thinking in mind! - Sticking to the core design of an pearl filled necklace.Filled with hundreds or even thousand of pearls guttapusalu is one of essential jewellery items for an bride in India.High quality rubby stones, hand cut DIES, quality pearls make guttapusalu stand in crowd. What makes silver 92.5 guttapusalu from that of COPPER or cheaper look-a-like is its FINISHING and DETAILING Achieved due to properties of silver. Each guttapusalu is made with proper detailing and is made sure to be filled with freshwater pearls. Silver Guttapusalu comes in many sizes and shapes from short to long and shapes like GAJJA HATHI GUTTAPUSALU , KOYRI GUTTAPUSALU , PEACOCK GUTTAPUSALU, CHAIN GUTTAPUSALU AND MUCH MORE. Each guttapusalu comes with matching earrings. Buy silver guttapusalu necklace online at our store with free pan India shipping.

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